Gluten-Free baked goods with a hint of sweetness for all natural and healthy goodness.

Gluten-Free Mini Pot Pies and Big Pot Pie with Vegan Option.

Divide this recipe for GF pot pie into three steps in different days, they do not have to be consecutive days: Cook Chicken in Crock Pot (Active Time = 5 min) Make Filling

Gingerbread Cutout Cookies

My suga boo loves these cookies and your little ones (and big ones) will too! Cutout cookies are usually free of eggs, so taking out the butter makes them instantly Vegan! These are thus

Apple PIe

Ingredients: 6 Granny Smith Apples 2 t cinnamon 1/2 c brown sugar 1/4 t cloves 1/4 t ginger 1/2 t allspice 2 T tapioca flour dash nutmeg Chill coconut oil by scooping sections

Tart Cranberry Tart

Ingredients: 6 cups fresh whole cranberries 3 cups water 1 cup orange juice 2 T kudzu root starch or other thickener such as corn starch or tapioca flour 1/2 c sugar 3

Chewy Sugar Cookies

Coconut flour and oil are wonderful for cooking. If you prefer a more mild flavor profile that matches what you are used to in your traditional recipes with butter or oil, use organic refined coconut

Soft Molasses Cookies, GF and DF

Molasses Cookies Done Right       MIX all dry ingredients:   2 ¼ c SmartFood Flour Mix   or: 1 c teff flour ½ c sorghum flour ½ c garbanzo bean flour ¼ c

Lemon Chia Seed Cupcakes

These cupcakes are very sweet and will be popular at a traditional party. Their light refreshing flavor is perfect for spring or summer. ½ c butter or coconut oil 2 eggs 1 ¾ c flour

Goji Granola

Your Granola   Most commercial granolas are full of refined sugar and less healthy fats. Making your own takes no more cooking skills than chopping nuts. Ingredients do not have to be exact. Put as

Blue Cornbread

Blue Cornbread_ Gluten-Free This cornbread is made with blue cornmeal which is not a genetically modified food. Using garbanzo flour mixed with brown rice flour adds a complete protein. This cornbread has no added sweetener

Acorn Quick Bread

Acorn Quick Bread Gluten-Free Acorns are extremely high in protein and healthy fats with a delicious sweet nutty taste. If you cannot get your hands on some, pick local acorns and process them appropriately. Or try substituting