Buckwheat Pancakes

The ignominiously named buckwheat is gluten-free and lends a sweet nutty flavor to baked goods making it especially good for breakfast category baking. The combination of grain and bean flours make these pancakes a complete

Unique Walnut and Quiona Salad

 Prep time: 5 minCook time quinoa and potato: 15 min  a balanced and hearty salad  I always have a pan of a cooked grain in the fridge ready to be used. If you keep a

Blueberry GF pancakes, High Protein

These pancakes are high in protein from the Teff and Garbanzo flour and the flax seed provides fiber and essential fats. Teff flour is an Ethiopian grain and has all 8 essential amino acids. Garbanzo

Thai Noodle Salad

You can cut the sauce ingredients in half for a lower sugar and fat meal. It will still be delicious but will not be as strongly flavored as in a restruant. Or if feeding a

Broccoli and Cranberry Pilaf

This wonderful pilaf can also be a great Holiday Vegetable dish if you leave out the Quiona. This dish can also be made with short grain brown rice if you want to save your wallet.

Quiona Stuffing

This is a nutrititious alternative to the traditional high carb bread stuffing. The quiona, in addition to being a whole grain, provides a complete protein. The sage and traditional stuffing accouterments provide a unmistakable stuffing flavor. Be

Peas and Rice: 8 min prep time.

Split Peas and Rice Healing Soup Peas and rice make a complete protein in this tasty and nutritious vegan soup. The turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory. This is an excellent dish to begin a short

Amaranth and Quinoa Salad

Amaranth and Quinoa Salad 2 cups water ½ c amaranth ½ c quinoa Bring water to a boil, cook grains on low about 20 min till all water is evaporated. At the end stir in

Quinoa with Zuchinni and Olives

Quinoa is my favorite grain, not only does it have a mild and delicious flavor, it is cheap, highly nutritious and easy to find. I also love this grain because you can add just about