Bison Shoulder Roast

I used a 5 lb roast, but you may use a different cut or different size, just test for doneness starting about 4-6 hours. Be sure you use bison or grass-fed beef if making a

Roast Chicken and Southwest Veggie Chicken Soup

This soup has two options. To make it with the chicken, or my favorite, chicken broth only. This is an excellent soup for winter time or if you are fighting off an infection, or getting

Sweet Basil Chicken or Tofu Stir Fry

Woks can be cheaply purchased at an Asian market or restaurant supply store for around $20. The high heat and fast cooking prevents vital nutrients from leaking out of food. Prep Time: 20 min Cook

Salmon in Parchment

Prep time: 5 min for a 1-2 servings. Cook time: 30 min. Make sure to use wild fish as farmed has high levels of mercury. Fish provides omega-3 fatty acids which are essential; meaning the

Sweetly Roasted Chicken

Sweetly Roasted Chicken Don’t be tempted to purchase a chicken for five or three dollars at the grocery store. Go to the farmers market and buy an organic whole chicken for $8-$12. Considering that this

Stewed Goat

Stewed Goat Buying meat from the farmers market is not an expensive endeavor. The price may seem high at first but the high quality of meat lends superior flavor and satisfaction that in a dish

Chinese Chicken or Tofu

Chinese Chicken or Tofu Prep time: 30-45 min Cook time: 30 min Serves: 6 If you are using tofu just substitute it for the chicken in of the steps. The tofu should be cooked on

Gluten-Free Creamy Golden Chicken

Gluten-Free Creamy  Golden Chicken Garbanzo flour comes from the chick pea. It has a very rich flavor and works well in any cooking dish as substitute for flour. Try it in other gravy recipes or

Fruit Stuffed Pork Loin

This dish looks very fancy and difficult, but takes 10 -15 min of prep time. Less if you are organized! Be sure to use the dark unsulfured apricots. The color does not affect the flavor

Yummy salad that pales a restaurant salad

Yummy Salad This salad makes a restaurant salad seem pathetic. Kidney beans contain an enzyme that is excellent for detoxification. Kale also keeps your Path II detoxification  enzymes active. ½ bunch kale ½ bunch red