Sweet Carrot Potato Soup for Easy Digestion

Sweet Carrot Potato Soup Ingredients: 7 carrots 1 sweet potato 1/2 beet 1/2 in piece fresh ginger 1/2 yellow onion 1/2 t salt (optional, for adults) 1 quart homemade vegetable broth I pre-chopped

Winter Pea Soup

We typically think of legumes as beans, but peas are also in the Phaseolus vulgaris L. family. In countries where legumes are the stable of the diet, individuals are predominately thin and have very low incidence of heart

Red Cabbage and Potato Soup

This is a simple soup and is rich in flavor despite being dairy-free and meat-free. Red cabbage is full of glucosinolates, such as sinigrin, which are a secondary metabolite of the family of plants Brassicaceae.

Roast Chicken and Southwest Veggie Chicken Soup

This soup has two options. To make it with the chicken, or my favorite, chicken broth only. This is an excellent soup for winter time or if you are fighting off an infection, or getting

Quicky Gluten Free Gumbo for 2

Quick Gluten Free Gumbo for 2 A hearty bowl of vegetables and rice make a complete protein bolstered by peas or seafood. The warm tones and the variety of vegetables add vitamin C, thiamine, and

Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup

Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup This soup can be made vegetarian or vegan. It was prepared for someone with high B12 needs so an egg yolk was included. This egg was from happy loved hens who

Light Cream of Mushroom Soup

Cream of Mushroom Soup Prep Time: 5 min Cook Time: 35 min Make this recipe vegan by using vegetable stock, unless you are ill. If this is the case use homemade, salt free, chicken stock.

Three Vegetable Dahl

This recipe will take 3-4 days pre-prep time to sprout mung beans. Once sprouted, they will keep 4 days- 1 week in the fridge. Sprouting increases the protein content, and combined with the blending, makes

Macrobiotic Vegetable Soup

earthy nourishing A macrobiotic diet is an excellent choice for health. It is especially beneficial for individuals with any sort of stomach or intestinal distress. It is a nourishing, bland, and easily digestible

Southwestern Tomato Soup

  This vegan soup is sweet and hearty. Tomatoes are a wonderful source of the antioxidant lycopene. Lycopene is especially beneficial for men and the prevention of prostate cancer. Cooking the tomatoes for a long