You can make a green juice out of anything. Try to experiment with your local greens at the farmers market. Mustard greens are super spicy and have the flavonol glycosides, kaempherol and quecertin which have antinflammatory properties. This makes this spicy drink worth it! All commercial juices are devoid of enough greens to make a real healing tonic. They are mostly cucumber, apple or celery.


1/2- 1 bunch mustard greens

2 green apples

Put through a juicer.

Drink this much STRONG green juice a day.

Nutrients like this need to be ingested as a whole food. Taking too many glucosinolates, in a supplement form only, can result in other undesired side effects. But in terms of foods it is likely you are not getting all the glucosinolates you need to assist you body with detoxification. For more information check out