We have been taught since the industrial revolution that a woman with a clean house, who uses plenty cleaning chemicals to remove germs, is a good woman, wife, mother, partner. I am here to show you that you can still exert your feminine desires for cleanliness, order, and home functionality without increasing your toxic load.

The majority of cleaning chemicals are moot. Contrary to what mass culture of our dominator society would have us believe (we need to consume products to be happy and healthy and whole) the use of cleaning products in your home are carcinogenic, decrease your immune function, exacerbate allergies, and lower your physiological capabilities.

Research is showing that we have evolved to coexist with bacteria and the efforts to remove germs for good health is a fictitious idea based on marketing efforts to find a use for all the industrial chemicals initially produced for chemical warfare. Many of these chemicals switched to being used in the home and agriculture after World War I. The truth is that most bacteria are beneficial to your physiology. Not only do they work to outcompete harmful bacteria that could actually cause illness, but they also decrease the incidence and severity of allergies, help with food digestion, and even produce certain compounds that are compulsory for human health.

Examples of physiological effects by bacteria are the short chain fatty acids produced in the colon. The short chain fatty acid (SSFA’s) butyric acid used by colon cells for energy which improves colon health and prevents colon cancer. ┬áPropionic acid is produced by bacteria on the skin and in the gut. These two aforementioned FA’s and acetic acid are also theorized and supported by recent research to affect glucose and insulin response by affecting the circulation of free fatty acids (FFA’s) and to affect the hormones such as ghrelin and GP-1 which affect desire for food intake. Please note that is it not just the bacteria important in these SSFA’s production, but also the consumption of fiber.

The bottom line is that you will be better off throwing away ALL your cleaning chemicals. Even better put them in a box and take them by the local hazardous waste disposal facility so they do not end up in our water and food supply.

If you feel the need you must use something to clean with stock your house with the following:


Cleaning Products:

5 lbs baking soda

2 gallons white vinegar

Bon Ami (optional)


Tea Tree Oil

Other Essential Oils Effective in Cleaning due to their Antibacterial and Cheering Effects:

Clove Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Lemon Oil

Clary Sage Oil

Basic Cleaner in a Spray Bottle:

1/2 vinegar

1/2 water

few drops tea tree oil

(opt: 1 t baking soda)